For the 8th year consecutive year, our cadre of seasoned Tesla II cockpit operators will again be bringing the BattleTech Center experience to conventions around the United States.

MechCorps: Mobile Armored Division : Southern Region (Pictured)

CyPhaCon, Lake Charles, LA. April 7-9

Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX), Autsin TX. July 7-9

MechaCon, New Orleans, LA. July 28-30

Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA. September 1-4

RealmsCon, Corpus Christi, TX. October 6-8

Onicon, Galveston, TX. October 27-29

Fallout Shelter Arcade: Upper Mid-West Region

Manticon, Bloomington, MN. May 26-28

BrrCon, Minneapolis, MN. June 23

2Dcon, Bloomington, MN. August 11-13

University on Minnesota Morris, Morris, MN.  September 2

Big Kidz Games & MechJock.Com : Mid-West Region

Marmalade Dog, Kalamazoo, MI. March 24-26

DGCCon, Mt Clemens, MI. April 21-23

Origins Game Fair, Columbus, OH. June 14-18

GenCon, Indianapolis, IN. August 17-20


We know more events are in the final planning stages, so expect more news soon!