So much news, so little time.

1: GenCon: Big Kids Games, MechJock, and The Fallout Shelter are joining forces for GenCon 2018 to bring you the largest VWE Tesla Cockpit deployment EVER. The GenCon deployment will feature 21 Tesla II cockpits with both Red Planet and BattleTech: Firestorm. We have also learned that you will be able to RESERVE time in 6 of those cockpits via the GenCon event reservation system. GenCon is in Indianapolis from Aug 2nd-5th.

2: ACEN: In a last second deal, The Grand Rapids based MeckJock pods will be returning to the Anime Central event in Rosemont, IL May 18-20th. Again, Big Kids Games will be at the helm as these cockpits return home to Chicago. The best part, the pods are a part of the general admission, so you can play for no additional fee!

3:Montreal: The pods are returning to Canada! Hangar 51 Mtl, the latest remote VGL facility is operational and will be hosting some special events soon!