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GenCon, ACEN, Montreal, Oh My!

So much news, so little time. 1: GenCon: Big Kids Games, MechJock, and The Fallout Shelter are joining forces for GenCon 2018 to bring you the ...
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Ebay pods found a buyer? Now we know!

Denver pods sold?
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Fallout Shelter Gets Media Coverage

Eric Best at The Journal in Minneapolis gives a shout out to our FSA friends. Step into the cockpit at Fallout Shelter Arcade
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Tesla II Cockpits getting custom MFD LCDs

Pod site Operator Frank "Cyd" Galatis, of the Fallout Shelter Arcade in Minneapolis, Minnesota has started shipping new turn-key LCD kits to ...
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BattleTech: Firestorm update 5.07d is in the wild.

According to the Super-Secret FaceBook Tesla Cockpit Owners Group, BattleTech Firestorm 5.07d is out for testing and evaluation. You can play it ...
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Were not dead yet!

Contrary to what the internet trolls may tell you. We are not dead yet! Along with 4 independently operated public sites in Michigan, ...
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