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VGLU Site 2112 v.3 is On-Line in Kalamazoo, MI

BattleTech VR has returned to Kalamazoo! Private reservations will begin in 2023
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Grand Rapids, MI Pods headed to GRRCon Oct 13-14 2022

Once again the Grand Rapids based BKG / MechJock pods are headed to the GRRCon hacker conference at DeVos Place downtown Grand Rapids. The pods ...
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MechCorps’ in Houston, TX is moving!

Attention Pilots: MechCorps' NEW Home Location: 11755 W. Little York, Suite 202 (Inside Battlefield Houston), Houston, TX 77041 This ...
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Lostech: The History of The BattleTech Center and Virtual World. Coming Soon!

The Real History of Virtual World and The BattleTech Center
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Michigan MechJock Crew headed to ACEN, Origins, and GenCon again in 2019

MechJock on the road again!
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BroctoberFest Nets Over 80 Attendees! (Revised)

VGL Site 2112 is back!
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Where are they now? BattleTech VR Pod Tracker

Pod Tracker Live
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21 pods sighted at GenCon Indy

Nick "PropWash" Smith of  Virtual World Entertainment, LLC joined the FSA and MechJock crew for this shot of the GenCon 2018 deployment. The ...
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